Every site needs maintenance. Or at least, if you want your site to be up to date that is. These days, maintenance is something you can do yourself if you want or are able to put the time and effort into it. For those who simply don’t have the time or want to focus on the things they do best, we’re here to help.

Besides maintenance, we can help with other development too. Do we write custom code from scratch? No sorry, that’s not what we do. However, we are reasonably able to read/write/edit CSS, PHP, JavaScript or HTML code.


Why should you hire us?

Are we masters at creating plugins, building apps or know all coding languages inside out? Well, no. We’re not nerds who live in their parent’s basements. But we do know our way around the most common coding languages.

We are proficient in CSS, PHP, HTML, and JavaScript. Which means we can help you with the most common code stuff.

Also, we’re honest. If we can’t build it, we’ll tell you and get you into contact with someone who can. If we’re unsure, we’ll tell you that as well. If we can build it, well let’s go then!

Oh, and did we mention you only pay for the effective hours/minutes we worked on the project?

What can we do?

In short: We can do maintenance, pump up your current site’s design or simply integrate or debug some PHP, HTML, JavaScript or CSS code on your current site. Right, let us explain that in English.

Maintenance basically is keeping your site up to date. You tell us what needs to be adjusted or edited, and we do it.

Redesign means literally giving your current site a facelift.

Let’s say you want a WhatsApp icon at the top of your site, or need to input a string of code into your <head> or <body> area. Or any work that needs to be done which involves the word code. That’s what we call Implementing code.

What's the price tag?

To keep it simple, for development and maintenance our hourly rate is $96 or, $24 per 15 minutes if you will. On top of that, if you need us for less then 10 minutes, we’re not going to send you the bill. If you want to know the estimated cost of your project, feel free to contact us.

Where do we start?

First, we will check if it’s something we can actually do. If we can, we’ll estimate a price based on the time we think we need. If you agree, we will start the coding/maintenance or whatever development you need us to do. The price we estimated, is the maximum price you’ll pay.

When is it finished?

Good question. We’ll gladly offer you an estimate of any work that needs to be done. Our estimate comes with a price which will not be exceeded. If it takes us longer, well that’s to bad for us. If we finish sooner, you’ll only pay for the time spent. Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it?

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